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                                 About Me

                I was born in Northern California on
 August 16 ,1961 , I was raised on a ranch in Grass Valley California  by my parents Hal and Judy , I have only one sibling my sister Shannon :) I have one amazing son Drew who is the light of my life and is the main reason for my success !n 1989 after the birth of my son,  I  foun
d out I had cancer, and I made a promise to him that I would beat it and start living a better life for him! I told no one in my family or my friends, and made my doctor promise to remain silent as well, as my mother  had enough dealings with cancer,with my Grand-mother and did not need to worry about me, therefore I suffered in silence !

I was in a very abusive relationship, at that time, and had gained an enormous  amount of weight, therefore I was quite unhealthy ! In 1991 I had my Uterus removed to stop the spread of the cancer to my other organs , and told my family that it was removed due to Endometriosis!  For 6 months I had treatments,to make sure the cancer was gone completely, during that time I focused on being healthy and strong for my son !

I worked out on my own with body shaping on TV and watched what I  put in my my mouth !! Within a year  I was able to drop  150 LBs on with no help ! I also took Jiu jitsu lessons , to gain my self worth and to protect myself from my husband’s attacks !

I finally was strong enough to divorce my husband in 1995 , and I took my son to Las Vegas, where I met my second husband ,who  put me through school to study the human body inside and out to became a certified personal trainer :) I then began my first business in 1996 called “BODY BY DESIGN FITNESS FOR WOMEN” I loved fitness so much!!! I even  competed in bodybuilding competition here in Vegas in 1996 and even brought home a trophy !!!! ! In 1998 my son was diagnosed with Juvenile arthritis , he was swollen in every joint of his body and the doctor told me he needed massage  to keep the circulation in his feet and legs :( I learned how to do circulatory massage to gently massaged his swollen little feet and legs nightly to help him sleep .Little did I know that I would become a massage therapist and licensed Reiki Master in the future!

In 2003 I divorced my second husband due to drugs and alcohol :( I took my son and moved out on my own ! I decided to homeschool him and work out of my home so I could take care of him :) I moved to Southern Cal in Sept of 2003 and lived with a friend .  I had a very hard time doing my fitness training there due to the huge amount of trainers in the area, so I began  doing massage  on the weekends  to pay the bills  so….. “Kellyann’s Bikini massage” was born on the beaches of Southern Cal. I traveled from location to location , giving massages in my bikini as we  were  living  in the ghetto of Oxnard, at the time ,so not a prime location for my clients to come to !

While on one of my massage trips my friend  lost his mind and tried to kill me literally!! (A whole nother story) !! He was  locked up in jail, but I wanted to see him get help in a mental hospital. By sitting in on his sessions with his doctor, I found out he had been mentally ill for a very long time and unbeknownst to me he had stopped his meds, and it sent him into a extreme paranoia  rage ! During the time he was in the hospital my son joined the army (at the age of 17)  (By the way there was no trace of arthritis in his body )  When he left for boot camp , I decided to stick around and help my friend to get through his rehabilitation until his release for 3 months ! Finally  when I knew he was coming home, and doing better , I moved his mother in and I left .

I was an emotional mess and was unable to work , sleep, or eat , due to all the stress in my life ! My money had been drained from my account and I used everything I had to pay off all the bills and leave Oxnard clean, and was dead broke ! Out of the blue my dear friend called me, and offered to pay for a u-hall and gas and anything I needed to get to her place back in Vegas! I knew I needed to get to a safe and positive atmosphere so I could get myself healthy again ! So I  accepted her kind and generous offer and bunked  on my Marcia’s hide a bed for a few months so  I could rebuild my life ! Marcia not only gave me a home but nursed me back to health as I was quite ill due to depression and not eating properly!  I Thank her from the bottom of my heart !“THANK YOU MARCIA”

When I was strong enough, I started from scratch  June of 2004 with only my massage table and my two hands !

I posted my ad for “Kellyann’s Bikini Massage”  on craigslist , I  hired me a 6'4" body guard and away I went  ! I started going to homes and hotels in the evenings as I was taking care of Marcia’s family during the day, as she healed from a knee replacement surgery !

I built my reputation and my business , by staying focused on what I wanted and ….

Within 6 months I was in my own little place and doing massages there and no more out call :) Yay!!!!! I loved having my own place to work,and I worked hard to create the most relaxing and enjoyable massage I could,with the most comfortable atmosphere possible:)

It was July  2007  I was in my special store getting candles for my massage room when a strange woman came up to me and to my surprise she gave me a hug  ! I asked her “Do I know you ?”  She replied “I saw your Beautiful aura, you're a Reiki Master !! I said ” No I'm just a massage therapist ” :) She told me "Oh Honey you are so much more than that, You have a great and powerful gift !" "You are A powerful Reiki Healer !" She asked if I would let her train me ….she would prove it to me ! The next week I began my reiki training and within 2 months I was a certified Reiki master  September 2007 ! That is when I changed my business name to “Heavenly Healing Hands Reiki Massage” 

During that time I saw the movie the “The Secret”  and I began applying it’s teachings on a daily basis !

3 months later  I moved into a big beautiful 4000 sft house and was doing quite well!  The energy that flowed through me was warm and tingly for me and my clients, and I was taking away pain and putting people in remission , from cancer,& crohn's disease,as well as reducing swelling from diabetes , removing chronic back pain ,shoulder injuries, etc.  It was amazing as I felt the energy surge through me and into my clients !

Then June 2011 I moved to a lovely 5000sft home , located on the golf course at the grand Legacy  with a beautiful massage room elegantly decorated, with it’s  own bathroom that I had stocked with plenty of towels,and toiletries for my client’s private use !

I moved after a year and a half to my beautiful home in the SW area of Rainbow, where the energy is amazing, and I can not be happier!

I have won two awards…  one for being” The best Reiki Healer of Las Vegas” and one for “The best Swedish Massage therapist in Henderson and Vegas” ! I am very proud of my business and I love what I can do for people !

Thank you, for taking the time to read a bit about me, Blessed be and always remember…...“IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN BE IT !!! “